How to register for covid vaccination in India?


Since the third phase of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign for people over 18 years old will start in India on May 1, registration can begin on April 28.

According to the union’s Ministry of Health, registration can be done on

The Ministry of Health tweeted a poster saying, “I am 18+… ready for vaccination. Registration opens from April 28..Vaccination starts from May 1.”


In order to speed up the country’s coronavirus vaccination campaign, the Indian government announced on April 19 a “liberalization and acceleration” Phase-3 vaccination strategy against COVID-19 starting on May 1.

Everyone above the age of 18 to be eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, said the government.

Follow the below steps for COVID vaccination registration :

Registration Start Date : 28th April 2021

Vaccination Start Date : 1st May 2021

The registration can be done on CoWin portal issues by Ministry of Health.

Open the link , then click on the “Register/ Sign In yourself” button (highlighted on below screenshot).

Also you can click on “Register with Aarogya Setu” for registering yourself using Aarogya Setu Portal/App.

register on cowin portal

After clicking on the registration button it will take you to the self-registration page where you will ask for your phone number (check below screenshot)


Once you enter your mobile number and click on “Get OTP” button ,you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) and you will be redirected to the next page where you need to enter the OTP(Check below screenshot).


Note : The OTP will be valid till next 3 mins only, so you must enter before it.

Once you enter the received OTP, click on “Verify & Proceed” to submit it. After submitting you will be redirected to the “Register Member” Page(Check below screenshot).


Click on the “Register Member” button to add member details. Fill in the Photo ID Proof, Photo ID Number, Name, Gender, Year of Birth, etc(Check below screenshot).


Once you provide all the above required information and click on “Register” it will take you to members page(Check below screenshot).


You can add more members in this page by click on “+ Add Member” page. You can add maximum 4 members per registration/mobile number.

For scheduling your appointment click on “Schedule” link as highlighted on below screenshot.


After clicking on “Schedule” button , one popup box will appear on the bottom of the page like below screenshot:

Then click on the “Schedule Now” button, it will take you to the list page where you can find the available hospitals in your area by Pin Code or you can search by districts also(follow below screenshot).

Enter Pin Code to check the available slots in vaccination centers of your area.

Note : Now slots in vaccination centers showing only for age limit starting from 45 years.

Peoples age more than 45+years can schedule now as before. The slot booking for the age limit below 45 is not started till now.