How I easily make money from blogging?

How I easily make money from blogging?

To be honest: blogging isn’t the easiest way to earn money. But, the great thing is that anyone can do. In this article, we will guide you on making money from blogging in the easiest methods.

You have to select the niche(topic) on which you are best.Also you need to have enough patience and dedication to build traffic and followers.Once you get a good number of followers then only you can earn a good amount of money from your blog.

Easiest ways from which bloggers can make money :

There are various methods you can apply to monetize your blog. It depends upon your quality of blogging you do and the niche(topic) of your blog. You could choose the method that suitable for you. Check this article to get the idea to select the perfect method for your blog.

1. Ad Networks :

There are different types of Ad Networks using which you can make money from your blog. Most popular among those are Google AdSense and

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense how to earn money from blog

There are some common requirements and rules which you must follow for signing up to AdSense.

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to have an active Gmail account that isn’t linked to an AdSense account.
  • You need to have a website, and that website needs to meet all of Google’s terms of service
  • Your website should be at least 3 months old.
  • You should have at least 30 articles published that are unique and valuable to readers.
  • Read more details regarding Google policies here:

medianet how to earn money from blog

Below are some term and conditions for applying Ad Network

  • The site should be receiving the majority of the traffic from US/UK/Canada
  • Content must be in the English language
  • Have a reasonable volume of traffic. At least 5,000 page views a day(Varies).
  • No Excessive Advertising on the pages
  • No Invalid Traffic/ Clicks
  • Software Piracy not Allowed

2. Affiliate Marketing : 

Affiliate Marketing is the process of getting a commission by promoting someone’s product/service. You will get a commission for each sale of the promoted product/service through you.

This one is the best method to make money than other methods. The cost per sale is higher than a click on an ad by Google AdSense or any other Ad Networks.

Now a days most of the bloggers are using this as they are getting more profit as compare to other methods.

You can promote the products according to your blog niche/topic, like if your articles are all about beauty products then it’s better to promote beauty products, if it’s about fashion then you can promote dress and other products related to fashion etc.

Another feature of Affiliate Marketing is you can share your unique affiliate link on any platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace as well as on social media like LinkedIn.

Below are some popular Affiliate Marketing Marketplace , you could signup :

3. Native Advertising :

Native Advertising is an ad that looks like same as the format in which the page content appears. They look like a part of the page, suddenly someone can’t identify it’s an ad.

Users only can figure out it by seeing the tag “Suggested Post” or “Recommended For You” or “Promoted Stories”.


User look Native Advertising 53% more than display ads also the purchase ratio is also higher than other ads. The engagement is the same as the site content’s engagement.

Some time the Users get bored with the ads and start ignoring them, but in Native Ad, the look and feel changes according to the page content.

4. Direct Advertisements :

Direct Advertisements are also one of the best methods to get paid as here you directly deal with the Advertiser. The deal is between you and the Advertiser, here no third-party charge will be deducted.

You can add a section in your blog “ADVERTISE WITH US” from which Advertisers can contact you.

5. Services :

You can offer the services that you are good with. If you are skilled with Domain and Hosting services then you can offer these services, users who need services regarding this will contact you. If you are good at Logo Designing, Web Designing/ Development, etc. then you can offer these services, etc. Like this, you can get work from your blog and get paid from that.

Make a separate page in your blog and list out all the services you want to provide, also you can mention the price details for each service. Mention your contact details on which user will contact you.

There are some other methods to make money online rather than Blogging, Check out another article on “What are the easiest ways to make money online?