How to Easily Remove WordPress Default Category 'Uncategorized' from your Website ?

How to Easily remove uncategorized category on wordpress

Once we installed WordPress, the dashboard shows some pre-defined post-types like Post, Page. Attachment, Revision, Navigation Menu, etc. Also, there are some default Taxonomies like Categories, Tags, Post Formats, etc.WordPress includes some dummy like data for each default Post Types and Taxonomies. The default category for Posts is “Uncategorized”.Below are some solutions to remove this from WordPress.

What is the “Uncategorized” Category?

1: “Uncategorized” Category is the Dummy/Sample category which is pre-added in WordPress.

2: Their is no option to remove it in WordPress Dashboard(Check below screenshot).

3:You can only rename it by using “Edit” option.

4:Whenever a new post is created, it will automatically be assigned as “Uncategorized” , which is very annoying for user.

How To Remove “Uncategorized” Category ?

After doing some research, I found there is no direct option to remove this category from WordPress, we need to do some steps to get rid of this category. You can follow any of below steps to remove this category.

Step 1: Rename the name “Uncategorized” to any other name by “edit” the category.

edit uncategorized category wordpress

On click “Edit” the Category edit page will appear(like below):

Edit Page Category

You can change the Name as well as the Slug here. It will work same as “Uncategorized” only the name and slug will change. Also this will assign to all the new posts automatically. To change this functionality follow step 2.

Step 2 : Change the default category to any other category in Settings->Writing Page.

Change Default Category Setting WordPress

You can change the default category from the above dropdown. The chosen category will work same as “Uncategorized”.

Step 3 : Delete Uncategorized From List .

Once you change the default category to any other category on Step 2 , the “delete” option will show on “Uncategorized” and you can delete the same.

Delete Uncategorized Category WordPress

If some posts assigned to the deleted category, it will move to the new default category.

These are the best solutions to get rid of the “Uncategorized” category in your WordPress website.

We hope this article clears all your doubts regarding the default “Uncategorized” category. If still you have any doubts do comment on us. Thank You