COVID-19: All you need to know regarding Oxygen Saturation levels

With the alarming increase in Corona-19 cases across the country, patients are unable to obtain supplemental oxygen due to the decline in oxygen levels, and a major crisis is emerging. Due to the lack of information about adequate blood oxygen saturation, some people start to acquire this oxygen while others are taking it, even if they really don’t need it, making it impossible for those who really need it. Check the below details to know regarding Oxygen Saturation levels.

Randip Guleria, the head of AIIMS, explained the concept of oxygen saturation and said that if a person’s oxygen saturation is between 93% and 99%, the person does not need oxygen. and taking it will be harmful.

He emphasized the rational use of oxygen. He said that if people get together and use Oxygen and Remdesivir only when needed, there will be no shortage.

Regular oxygen intake is definitely a waste of oxygen. There is no evidence that this will help you, so it should not help. Many patients have oxygen tanks at home and are using them one and a half hours.

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